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June 29, 2009: What is Shenmue?

Latest News: 10/30/2001 - Import PAL Version Of Shenmue II

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30 Oct 2001 Import PAL Version Of Shenmue II
Even though owning a US version of Shenmue II seems impossible, you can still import the PAL version from It will work with American television sets or a DC VGA Box. Whether saving will work or not is unknown. But I think it will because many European gamers who imported the Japanese version were able to continue their games from the PAL version of Shenmue.

And Shenmue - Yokosuka is not qutting yet. Please vote in the new poll and visit our forums. They're packed full of Shenmue fans.
13 Oct 2001 Shenmue II Not In USA
Well I am outraged. The US version of Shenmue II will not be released on the DC. Why? Because Microsoft got exclusive rights to the game. If you are a hardcore Shenmue fan and don't want to waste your time with the Xbox, I highly recommend that you import the UK version which will have English subtitles. For a better story of what is going on, visit IGNDC.
04 Oct 2001 So Sorry
Sorry for not updating Shenmue - Yokosuka for such a long time. I was temporarily ill and just feeling lazy. But now I should continue with normal updates. A new poll will be added tomorrow. Some of you may have noticed that Shenmue Dojo is not online. Shenmue Dojo's server is down. Gamer's Uplink is not responding. I hope the Dojo will be able to come back strong if this lasts long.
24 Sept 2001 Still Working
A preview of the new look should be ready shortly. When the new design is finished, be expecting the new games that were planned. In the time waiting, please join the forums.
21 Sept 2001 A New Look
A new look will soon be here for Shenmue - Yokosuka. I and the new webmaster, Manuel, will be working hard to deliver the goods. The design will be unlike anything ever seen and will use flash. Coming out with the new design will be two new games. A toy capsule machine game and a QTE title game. Updates will still continue. Don't forget to look at the video of Shenmue Saturn in the Downloads section.
19 Sept 2001 Shenmue II Galore
Update: Download a movie of the Shenmue Saturn by clicking here. Thanks to SwirlVision for the link.

There is a new clip of a Japanese Shenmue II commercial that you can see by visiting the Downloads section of the site or by clicking here. Today I was reading my Guinness World Records 2001 book, and I found Shenmue in there. Here is Shenmue's place in world records.


  The Dreamcast FREE (Full
  Reactive Eyes Entertainment)
  title Shenmue cost over
  $20 million to develop. The
  project took seven years,
  and was the brainchild of Yu
  Suzuki, the head of Sega's
  AM2 division.

The music server is still acting weird right now. But I guarantee the new Shenmue music will be added.
18 Sept 2001 Shenmue Saturn Screens
Brand new Shenmue screens for the Sega Saturn have been revealed. These clips are revealed to gamers when they complete Shenmue II. Click here for the new Shenmue pictures. Thanks to SwirlVision for the screens.

Click for new Shenmue Saturn screens.

The new Shenmue music has been delayed but will be up shortly. Have a nice day and don't forget to join the forums.
16 Sept 2001 Awesome Things Happening
There will now be two webmasters at Shenmue - Yokosuka. Well there is me, James. You are probably wondering who the other one is. His name Manuel. Manuel and I have been talking for a while in the chat room. We have been discussing a lot about the site lately. He has some very good ideas and does wonderful stuff. Thanks to him, music from both Shenmue soundtracks should be up tomorrow in CD quality MP3. Also, the UK release of Shenmue II has been generously moved to November 30th, which is befor the US release of Decemer 4th.

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